2014 Energy Forum

Please click on the links below to view PowerPoint presentations from our speakers.

Session I: Reducing Your Energy Costs: Funding programs to help your business

  1. William Rol, Loan Officer, Hawaii Community Reinvestment Corporation
  2. Michael Chang, Deputy Program Director, Hawaii Energy
  3. Merissa Sakuda, Research Assistant, Public Utilities Commission

Session II: Alternative Energy Solutions to Reduce Your Costs

  1. Charles Wang, Principal, Hawaii ECO Project
  2. Paul Orem, Owner, Photonworks Engineering
  3. Aaron Kirk, Chief Operating Officer, Sunetric

Session III: Renewables and the Grid

  1. Hermina Morita, Chair, Public Utilities Commission
  2. Dan Giovanni, Senior Vice President, Operations, Hawaiian Electric Company
  3. Joe Boivin, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Corporate Affairs, Hawai`i Gas
  4. Leslie Cole-Brooks, Executive Director, Hawaii Solar Energy Association

Lunch and Keynote: LNG and the Future of Hawaii’s Energy Costs

Keynote: Alicia Moy, President and CEO, Hawai`i Gas


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