Join the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii for weekly conversations with Hawaii’s business community. Hosted by Jo McGarry, this podcast shares the story of business in Hawaii and addresses the challenges of adapting to an ever-changing economy. The podcast also serves as a valuable resource to anyone looking to grow their business or hear the inside story of some of Hawaii’s most influential employers.

Our podcast episodes range from 15-20 minutes in length, so it’s perfect to listen to on your morning drive, while working out or just doing chores around the house.

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Episode #51: The Importance of Restaurants in Community Building and Post-COVID Restaurant Trends

On this episode of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES, Jo McGarry interviews Ryan Tanaka the Chief Financial Officer of KAI Hawaii, the President of Underground Services where he leads the company’s affordable housing developments, along with being the co-owner of Giovanni Pastrami and the Chairman for the Hawaii Restaurant Association on restaurant trends post-COVID and the important role that restaurants play in community building.

Tanaka discusses the role that the Hawaii Restaurant Association played throughout the pandemic and as a new restaurant owner assisted with the development of a program to benefit the restaurant industry. With the formation of a state-wide coalition encompassing banks, trade associations and law makers, they were able to better understand the struggles faced by restaurant owners. Tanaka also discusses the future of restaurants and the importance of supporting local for an industry which employs 100,000 people in Hawaii. 

The Hawaii Restaurant Association has also partnered with the University of Hawai’i Athletics Department to be a pioneer in NIL agreements with student athletes, to better facilitate recruitment and retention across the University of Hawai’i sporting teams.

Listen and learn more about the restaurant industry in Hawaii and how they are adapting post pandemic.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

26 minutes


Episode #50: Hawaii Talent Onboarding Program to Effectively Work with the Business Community

On this 50th episode of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES, host Jo McGarry interviews Jason Higa, Chief Executive Officer of FCH Enterprises which includes Zippy’s Restaurants, Napoleon’s Bakery, Food Solutions International, A Catered Experience and Kahala and Pearl City Sushi. 

McGarry and Higa discuss Movers & Shakas, an initiative born in the early months of the pandemic to help the business community after the Hawaii tourism shutdown. With locals returning from the mainland and continuing to work remotely throughout the pandemic, Higa and his advisory board saw an opportunity for Hawaii to pair remote workers with local non-profits providing assistance from strategic planning to the creation of apps. With over 90,000 applicants in the first round, they accepted 50 high quality cohorts.

Throughout this process and with the tourism market returning, an inculturation program was devised to ensure that remote workers, or those new to Hawaii could work effectively with local non-profits and the Hawaii business community. The talent onboarding program, HITOP became a series of classes, courses and experiences to better understand local culture and how to work effectively in the business community in Hawaii. HITOP focuses on high level executives who are recruited and move to Hawaii. Listen to this podcast and learn more about the Hawaii Talent Onboarding Program.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

22 minutes

Episode #49: Expanding Education and Workforce Opportunities to Hawaii’s Incarcerated Population

On this episode of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES, Jo McGarry interviews Katie Kaahanui, Program Manager of Hawaii is Hiring at the Chamber, on the importance of expanding education and training programs to Hawaii’s incarcerated population.

Kaahanui discusses her volunteer work through the Women’s Community Correctional Center and Halawa Correctional Facility and how she continuously advocates for providing critically needed resources for individuals re-entering the community. As an academic tutor to incarcerated students who are pursuing their Associate Business Degree at Chaminade University, Kaahanui is passionate about breaking the cycles of crime and helping inmates to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Through her work at the Chamber with the Hawaii is Hiring program, Kaahanui also sits on the Hawaii team for the U.S Chamber’s Smart Justice Initiative which comprises of Chambers throughout the nation working towards elevating this important workforce development issue. Listen and learn more about this fascinating topic from a unique workforce development perspective.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

19 minutes

Episode #48: Hawaiian Telcom Connecting and Empowering our Hawaii

On this episode of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES, Jo McGarry interviews Su Shin the President & General Manager of Hawaiian Telcom.

Shin discusses her non-traditional career pathway from journalism to communications to Hawaii Telcom’s first female president in the company’s 135-year history.

Listen to this podcast and learn about the importance of Hawaiian Telcom’s strategy towards diversity, equity and inclusion. Shin also discusses the important issue of digital equity and the current digital divide that was evident throughout the pandemic.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

24 minutes

Episode #47: Relationship Building and Opportunity for Change

On this episode of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES, Jo McGarry interviews Dr. Diane Paloma the President & CEO of Hawaii Dental Service.

Dr. Paloma discusses her philosophy and interest in native Hawaiian culture and through the Hawaii Dental Service she is helping to bring solutions to a community with over 600,000 members. Dr. Paloma has a keen interest for Hawaii Dental Service to make a bigger impact to the community by becoming the local champion who understands their needs through greater relationship building. Listen and learn more about her philosophy and relationship building.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

19 minutes

Episode #46: How Healthcare Teams can Enrich a Community

On this episode of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES focused on community building in the healthcare sector, Jo McGarry interviews Dr Jill Hoggard Green PHD & RN, President & CEO of The Queens Healthcare System.

Dr. Hoggard Green discusses how the Queens Healthcare System are best serving each person and their ohana, with an understanding that teams and our community can collaborate to improve health and well-being.

Throughout the pandemic, the Queens Healthcare System focused on bringing teams together at a rapid pace to implement protocols that would work across the community. Throughout that time, while constantly learning, the protocols established made a tremendous difference to the state of Hawaii. Coming out of the pandemic, Dr. Hoggard Green sees Hawaii as having incredible abilities to truly improve health and well-being of our families and to create new industry and businesses that can thrive. Listen and learn more about The Queens Healthcare System.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

19 minutes

Episode #45: Hawaii’s 200-year-old Friendship with Canada with Rana Sarkar

On this edition of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES, Jo McGarry interviews Rana Sarkar, Consul General of Canada in San Francisco, CA. McGarry and Sarkar discuss Canada and Hawaii’s historical relationship that goes back to 1780 when indigenous Hawaiians crewed transpacific ships and settled in Vancouver taking jobs in the furring, mining and timber industries. And, today, a good part of British Columbia’s population is of Hawaiian ancestry. This rich friendship between our two countries is so much more than ancestry, today, over 1 million Canadians choose Hawaii as their destination of choice for vacation and spend over $1.6 billion dollars annually in the Hawaiian islands.

Listen to this podcast to learn how you can tap into the Canadian demographics of visitors to support your business growth in 2022. If you do business in Hawaii and are Canadian, please contact the Chamber to be added to the Consult of Canada’s friend group to learn more about networking opportunities with fellow Canadians who reside in the islands.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

20 minutes

Episode #44: Disrupting Entrepreneurship with Meli James of Mana Up

Her name speaks for itself – no formal bio or introduction is needed. On this edition of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES, Jo McGarry interviews Meli James, Co-Founder of Mana Up and President of Hawaii Venture Capital Association. McGarry and James discuss Mana Up’s origin story, and how her Silicon Valley experience spurred her passion to help Hawaii’s businesses stay here and thrive here.

“If you got that hustle, you really can make anything happen.”

Listen and learn more about microbrand trends and how effective storytelling can positively impact your bottom line. Help Mana Up’s efforts to support local businesses thrive by purchasing products whose headquarters are in Hawaii or serve as an entrepreneur mentor in their Accelerator Program. For more information or to learn how your business can take part in the Accelerator Program, email

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

24 minutes

Episode #43: The Power of Work-Based Learning Through Mentoring

On this special edition of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES focused on Education and Workforce Development, Jo McGarry interviews Kyle Madriaga, Treasury Investment Officer at First Hawaiian Bank, and Lord Ryan Lizardo, Director, Work-Based Learning  (WBL) at the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii.  Madriaga and Lizardo discuss how providing real world work-based learning experiences for students is an investment in Hawaii’s workforce. In this episode, we highlight one valuable form of WBL: mentoring.

Business professionals of all ages and career levels can help to mentor Hawaii’s high school students to provide practical professional employability skills and opportunities to learn new concepts needed for the industry that may not be taught in the classroom. Through mentorship, leaders in our business community can grow Hawaii’s talent pipeline, stop the brain drain and create social capital. Listen and learn how you can get involved with mentoring Hawaii’s future and for more information visit

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

21 minutes

Episode #42: Preparing Hawaii’s Youth to Thrive in Local IT Jobs

On this special edition of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES focused on Education and Workforce Development, Jo McGarry interviews Eddie Ontai, President of DataHouse Consulting, Inc., and Keala Peters, Executive Vice President, Education and Workforce Development at the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii. Ontai and Peters discuss the exciting IT Sector Partnership collaborative that is bringing employers, community partners, and educators together to build a local, highly skilled IT workforce. 

Technology skills are needed in every sector in Hawaii, with the demand for talent outpacing the current supply. Through a Kindergarten to Career IT Pathway Project, IT leaders are focused on offering students a sequence of experiences that increases awareness of IT careers, provides internship and training opportunities, and ensures what is being taught aligns with the skills and competencies employers are seeking. We can keep our top talent in the islands while ensuring local businesses do not have to recruit from the mainland. Listen and learn how you can join over 70 local businesses to build a bridge between the education system and the business community to help Hawaii’s youth get ready to thrive in local IT jobs. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

23 minutes

Episode #41: Find Interns and Future Talent with ClimbHi

On this special edition of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES focused on Education and Workforce Development, Jo McGarry interviews Julie Morikawa, President, ClimbHi, and Bernard Nunies, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer with Island Holdings.

ClimbHi Bridge is an online platform that empowers Hawaii’s youth to find their career paths and at the same time address businesses’ workforce shortages. Listen to hear how you, too, can help develop the talent pipeline and shape the future careers of Hawaii’s high school students from across the state.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

20 minutes

Episode #40: Supporting our Local Workforce with Hawaii Is Hiring

On this special edition of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES focused on Education and Workforce Development, Jo McGarry interviews Scott Miyaki, Recruiting Manager at American Savings Bank, and Katie Kaahanui, Program Manager at the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, to learn more about Hawaii’s current workforce climate and recruitment and retention tips for employers.

Hawaii is Hiring is an excellent online employment resource that connects kamaaina to Hawaii’s jobs, training and education opportunities. Originally launched during the pandemic to support job seekers, it has now pivoted to also supporting employers who need to fill open positions.

For more information, visit

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

21 minutes

Episode #39: Lessons for Success with Kelly Knox, Southwest Airlines

On this episode of the Voice of Business Podcast presented by ALTRES, Kelly Knox, West Coast Outreach Lead, Community Outreach for Southwest Airlines, shares their secrets to success, and it is not rocket science, which can be replicated at your organization, regardless of your industry.

Southwest is the “Company with Heart,” and they take pride in connecting with communities on causes that they care about. If you have a cause that you care about and would like Southwest Airlines’ support, contact Kelly at

Kelly Knox started her career at Southwest Airlines in 2011 after graduating from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. In her current role as West Coast Outreach Lead, Kelly champions causes that matter the most to our communities in California, Texas, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Nevada.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

19 Minutes


Episode #38: Aspire to Inspire with Joy Barua, Finance Insurance

Award winning leader, Joy Barua, President & Chief Operating Office at Finance Insurance, Ltd. joins the Voice of Business podcast powered by ALTRES.

Don’t let his outgoing personality fool you, his heart for the community is his true secret to success. Learn how Joy finds meaning in all that he does and in every role from healthcare and community leadership to finance. His authenticity for caring for the people of Hawaii translates into how he treats his staff, clients and is his motivation for community service.

“Service is not something you do after hours or on the side, it is a way of life. It gives me purpose.”

Joy was named “2020 Business Leader of the Year” by Pacific Business News, which also recognized him for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts as a 2021 Business of Pride honoree. He was also first from Hawaii to be recognized nationally among “Top 100 under 50 Emerging Leaders” by Diversity MBA magazine. Locally, Hawaii Business magazine named him among “20 for the Next 20 – People to Watch.” He was commended by the State of Hawaii’s House of Representatives as recipient of the “Champion Award” from Project Vision Hawaii and was honored with the “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” by Pacific Edge Magazine, which also featured him as an emerging leader in healthcare. He received Healthcare Association of Hawaii’s “Advocacy Award” and “Public Health Award,” and the U.S. SBA’s “Small Business Advocate of the Year” award. Additionally, he was recognized as “40 Under 40 – Hawaii’s Best & Brightest Young Businesspeople” and “CFO of the Year” finalist by Pacific Business News.

Wednesday, June 17, 2022

21 Minutes


Episode #37: Crisis is a Learning Opportunity with Paul Kosasa, ABC Stores

Paul Kosasa has lived through many crises, from 9/11 to the global pandemic, and through it all, he draws his strength from the memory of his parents who were interned in camps during World War II.

“Crisis is a learning opportunity. What can we learn from this?”

On this episode of the Voice of Business podcast presented by Altres, Kosasa joins us to talk about how he started at the bottom and worked in the trenches, his humble leadership style, and personal values of hope and trust, and advice on how to continue to innovate for continued growth and success.

Paul Kosasa is an American businessman, philanthropist and President and CEO of ABC Stores, a chain of resort convenience stores throughout Hawaii, Las Vegas and Guam. ABC Stores was founded by his parents, Sidney and Minnie Kosasa, in 1964 and currently employs over 1,500 people.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

27 Minutes


Episode #36: Continuing a Family Legacy with Bob Barrett of Coastal Windows

At Coastal Windows, you are family. Customers, employees and everyone in between are treated like ohana at Coastal Windows.

On this episode of the Voice of Business presented by Altres, Bob Barrett, President and Co-Owner of Coastal Windows, discusses climate change, manufacturing in Hawaii, staffing shortages and secrets to success of his small family-owned business.

“We have to do things right, because we live here.”

Continuing the legacy of his father who brought vinyl from Europe to the U.S., Bob brought vinyl manufacturing to Hawaii and takes pride in continuing the family legacy. Coastal Windows is Hawaii’s only full-service window and door manufacturer, recognized as a product innovator in the design and manufacturer of windows and doors specifically for Hawaii’s tropical environment.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

24 Minutes


Episode #35: Connecting People with Aloha with Peter Ingram, Hawaiian Airlines

Connecting people with aloha is so much more than a tagline, it is their core value. On this episode of the Voice of Business presented by Altres, Peter Ingram, President & CEO of Hawaiian Airlines, shares his professional journey, having to ground airplanes during the early weeks of the pandemic, and how their award-winning corporate culture and values has been able to help the organization take flight, again, and bring back the joy of traveling.

“People really do want to be a part of something bigger.”

Peter Ingram has been a member of the Hawaiian Airlines leadership team for the past 17 years, the last four as President and CEO. Hawaiian Airline’s resilience is a testament to Peter’s steady hand during the global pandemic and his commitment to their airline’s 6,700 employees.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

32 Minutes


Episode #34: How to Stop the Brain Drain with Ben Ancheta, Inkinen

On this episode, Ben Ancheta, President of Inkinen, and Jo McGarry discuss tips on how businesses of all sizes can help recruit and retain top talent, stop the brain drain and find people who can make a high impact on their organizations. Tune in to hear how you can apply their strategies to address your workforce shortages.

Ben is a graduate of Kamehameha Schools and Carleton College, and has been recognized both for his leadership as well as his commitment to our community. He was named a Pacific Century Fellow in 2010, an Omidyar Fellow in 2012 and one of Hawaii Business Magazine’s 20 for the Next 20 in 2013.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

19 Minutes


Episode 33: Debits and Credits: Adding It All Up with Stacey Katakura, Accumulus

On this episode, Stacey Katakura, Founder & President of Accumulus, and Jo McGarry discuss cost savings tips and solutions through tax reductions this tax season, managing your gross profit margins and inventory, and transitioning to an outsourced cloud-based accounting services.

Stacey Katakura founded Accumulus in 2017. She is a licensed CPA in Hawaii and California and is a graduate of Kaiser High School and University of Southern California.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

19 Minutes


Episode 32: Celebrating Earth Day and Month with Caroline Carl, Hawaii Energy

On this episode, Caroline Carl, Interim Executive Director of Hawaii Energy, and Jo McGarry discuss how Hawaii Energy is helping our state meet its clean energy goals before 2045. Despite current circumstances of inflation, rising fuel costs and the coal plant closure, Carl shares that there are many practical tips and solutions to increase cost savings and energy efficiencies for households and businesses. Tune in to hear how you can make smart energy choices and celebrate Earth Day and Earth month, every day and all year long.

Caroline Carl has been extensively involved in energy research initiatives in Hawaii for the past 15 years, designing and developing programs, and managing community outreach activities.

FRIDAY, April 22, 2022

20 Minutes


Episode 31: The L & L Legacy and American Dream with Elisia Flores

Elisia Flores joins the Voice of Business podcast to share what it is like being a female CEO and Vice Chair of Hawaii’s favorite plate lunch restaurant and the daughter to the L&L founder and entrepreneur, Eddie Flores.  As a second-generation business owner, even Elisia was tempted to not return to Hawaii and contribute to the “brain drain” after moving to the mainland for college and to begin her career. Ultimately, family and food brought her home and she is excited to lead the business into the next chapter with new menus, apps and locations.

Prior to joining L&L, Ms. Flores worked for General Electric Company. Ms. Flores served on the board of directors of Hawaiian Electric Industries, American Savings Bank, Hawaii Pacific Health, Diamond Head Theatre and the Hawaiian Humane Society.

WEDNESDAY, March 23, 2022

21 Minutes


Episode 30: From Reporting the News to Making News with Senator Glenn Wakai

Senator Glenn Wakai joins the Voice of Business podcast to share how his career in journalism led him to politics.  After spending over 11 years reporting the news, he was inspired to take action and make a significant difference for our great state. In this meet your politician interview, Senator Wakai shares his common sense, bold economic diversity and recovery solutions for a post-pandemic environment, including the Aloha Stadium and innovative tourism ideas.

Glenn Wakai entered into the world of public service in 2002 when he was elected to the State House of Representatives. He moved to the Senate in 2010 and is currently the Chairman of the Energy, Economic Development, and Tourism Committee. He is the Vice Chairman of the Judiciary and Public Safety Committees.

WEDNESDAY, March 16, 2022

23 Minutes


Episode 29: In Moments of Crisis, Red Cross Volunteers are the True Heros 24/7

On this episode, Diane Peters-Nguyen, Regional CEO of American Red Cross Pacific Islands Region, shares that while the pandemic canceled a lot of things, it did not cancel emergencies or disasters and, therefore, it did not cancel the Red Cross. From Hurricane Douglas in the fall of 2020 to the floods of 2021 to the Tonga disaster in 2022, the Red Cross Pacific Islands Region is working hard to support our community when they need support the most. March is Red Cross month, and our local chapter wants to say mahalo to all of its volunteers who supported the organization either virtually or in-person over the last two years, as it is the everyday courageous heroes and volunteers who respond to emergencies.

Prior to Diane’s appointment with the Red Cross, she served as Chaminade University’s Vice President of Advancement for 12 years. She serves on a number of advisory boards including Diamond Head Theatre, Pacific Arts Foundation and Friends of the East-West Center. Diane is a 2021 Pacific Business News Women Who Means Business Honoree.

WEDNESDAY, March 9, 2022

20 Minutes


Episode 28: Boost 4Business with Sherry Menor-McNamara

On this episode, Sherry Menor-McNamara and Jo McGarry discuss how to boost businesses and the economy in 2022.

In her tenure as President & CEO of the Chamber, Sherry Menor-McNamara shares with podcast host, Jo McGarry, how these past two years have been the most challenging for business owners due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic. Tune in to hear how businesses can effect change, rally for recovery and navigate the path forward through the Boost 4Business initiative and by telling their story with policymakers.

Sherry is the youngest, and first female and Japanese-Filipino leader of the more than 172-year old organization. Under her leadership, the Chamber was recognized as the 2018 State Chamber of the Year, a national award presented by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

WEDNESDAY, February 9, 2022
26 minutes


Episode 27: Elevating Fashion and Small Business with Allison Izu

On this episode, hear from fashion designer and small business owner Allison Izu on her journey of being a small entrepreneur and petite fashion designer in the big fashion industry. Allison is an inspiration to many as she bravely took on the fashion industry to design clothing for the average-sized women. Learn how she pushed through the “no’s” and shifted to get the “yeses” for a great reminder that persistence is the key to success.

Allison Izu, Owner and Fashion Designer of The Allison Izu Company. Born and raised in Honolulu and a graduate of Sacred Hearts Academy. She studied fashion in New York where her dream to design clothing for petite women was born. Allison Izu was featured in Oprah Magazine in 2010, and her brand was featured in Lucky Magazine, The Denim Blog, Refinery 29 and

WEDNESDAY, January 12, 2022
18 minutes


Episode 26: Building a Sustainable Community Through Music with Dave Moss of Hawaii Symphony Orchestra

On this episode learn how the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra pivoted during the pandemic to create a renewed sense of community, doubled their donor base and is bringing more awareness to art education for our youth.

Dave Moss, Executive Director for the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, joins the Voice of Business podcast to discuss his passion for music, organizational growth and the community.

WEDNESDAY, January 5, 2022
17 minutes


Episode 25: It Takes Many Hands with Susan Furuta with Helping Hands Hawaii

On this episode, Susan Furuta shares how her team of 75 inspires hope to thousands of local families by providing guidance, household goods and opportunities for empowerment and connection. 

Susan Furuta is the President & Chief Executive Officer of Helping Hands Hawaii. Born and raised in the historic Ewa plantation, Susan is a graduate of James Campbell High School and holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Development from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

WEDNESDAY, December 22, 2021
19 minutes

Episode 24: Unlocking the Hidden Value in People Through Habit-Based Leadership with Josh Ellis of The Initiatives Group

During challenging times (like during the COVID-19 pandemic), skillful leadership became even more critical. What are the qualities and habits that a great leader must possess to move a company forward?

On today’s episode, we sat down with Josh Ellis, Director of Digital Programs for The Initiatives Group, to break down how habits work, and how you as a leader, can develop them to improve your leadership style.

For more information on the Initiatives Group and their Leadership Execution Accelerator Program (LEAP), visit

Download General Bill Martin’s free guide to motivating your team here

18 minutes


Episode 23: Knowing the Signs of Alzheimer’s in Your Loved Ones with LJ Duenas of Alzheimer’s Association
with LJ Duenas

How does one know the signs of Alzheimer’s disease in a loved one? With more than three million cases per year in the US, it’s important to understand the signs at an early stage.

LJ Duena, Executive Director for the Alzheimer’s Association, joins us to talk about the signs, treatments that are available, and how Alzheimer’s Association can provide necessary resources to help navigate through these difficult challenges. 

Learn More: Hawaii Chapter | Alzheimer’s Association

17 minutes


Episode 22: Is Outsourcing Right for Your Business? with Tim Mobley of Connext Global Solutions

Are you currently facing staffing challenges? Have you considered outsourcing positions?

Join us for this episode as we  welcome Tim Mobley, who currently serves as the President of Connext Global Solutions.

Tim graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY where he studied economics and mechanical engineering. He earned the Distinguished Cadet award during each of his four years there. He then earned a Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, also earning academic honors. 

21 minutes


Episode 21: How 3-D Printing Can Be Used in Essentially All Business with Kai Oshiro

Darren “Kai” Oshiro is currently a 1LT in the Hawaii Army National Guard and deployed with 1-487FA to Afghanistan in 2019-2020.  Kai bought his first printer, a Prusa MK2, in 2016 and has been a 3D printing enthusiast ever since.

On this episode, learn about Kai’s mission with his company, Simply 3D Hawaii, and how various industries have benefited from using the tool.

22 minutes


Episode 20: Corporate wellness changes due to the pandemic with Alice Inoue

Happiness U’s mission is to teach that which was not taught in a traditional classroom about how to live a heart-centered life. With the pandemic, Alice’s teachings of mindfulness has been even more important and relevant for the mental wellbeing of working individuals.

On today’s episode, we are joined by nationally award-winning author and life expert, Alice Inoue.  She is Hawaii’s thought leader and celebrated expert on creating a meaningful and joyful existence, and has helped thousands of organizations and individuals over the past 20 years.

22 minutes


Episode 19: An Unexpected Journey to Becoming the Owner of Chocolea with Erin Kanno Uehara

Chocolea’s mission is “Bringing Peace to our world, one chocolate at a time.” In 2021 when Hawaii locked down due to COVID, owner Erin Kanno Uehara felt helpless that she couldn’t deliver on her mission.

That’s when she started writing to, who she now calls her “chocolate friends,” and even ended up publishing a book about her experience as a local business owner dealing with the difficulties of COVID-19.On this episode, sit down with this local girl whose dream was to help make this world a better place by connecting with people and investing in relationships. A chance encounter with a long-lost family member taught her to make chocolates, which has led her to her journey today.

18 minutes


Episode 18: How Unite Us Works to Address Social Needs and Improve Health Across Communities with Carol Hayashida

Unite Hawaii is a coordinated care network of health and social service providers working together to address social factors affecting people’s well-being and improve health in our communities.Based in Mililani, HI, Carol Hayashida is a Community Engagement Manager at Unite Us with a diverse background in healthcare sales and social service. Her passion lies in connecting partners together to see communities transformed in Hawaii.

16 minutes


Episode 17: Granting Life-Changing Wishes for Children with Make-A-Wish Hawaii’s President & CEO Trini Kaopuiki Clark

Research shows a wish can give kids the strength to fight against and even overcome a critical illness.

As President and CEO of Make-A-Wish® Hawaii, Trini Kaopuiki Clark leads a team of nearly 30 staff and more than 700 Hawaii volunteers to support the organization’s mission of creating life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. A University of Hawaii graduate, Clark is an accomplished local professional with nearly 20 years of communication experience in the Hawaii television industry and 10 years of nonprofit leadership.

18 minutes


Episode 16: Talking Story About Murphy’s Bar & Grill with Don Murphy 

In 1987, Don Murphy purchased what was then the Royal Hawaiian Saloon and opened Murphy’s Bar and Grill. Since then, Don and Marion Murphy have been giving customers a taste of the Irish homeland.

Learn about how Don got his start at Murphy’s, how they continue to give back to the community, and some of the signature dishes that you need to try when you make your trip to Murphy’s. 

18 minutes