Sector Partnerships

In June 2016, the Chamber, in partnership with University of Hawaii Systems and Strada Education Network, launched the Sector Partnerships initiative to bring together business leaders from targeted industries to collaborate with public partners within workforce development, economic development, education and community organizations. Business leaders share and discuss common needs within their respective sector, which provides these partners with a list of priorities based on sector needs.

By understanding the needs and concerns of businesses, public partners can create training that provides needed skills for industries to expand and compete. Sector partnerships help facilitate communication between industry and public partners, improving the understanding of business needs for the short and long term.

What makes the Sector Partnerships unique and different from other development efforts is that it invites multiple industry players to one table, instead of each reaching out to individual companies to address needs specific to that individual. Addressing issues individually, rather than collectively, makes it difficult for community partners to pinpoint industry-wide concerns and gain access to all programs needed to help businesses expand.

Industry Sector Partnerships being held across the state include:

  • Banking (Oahu)
  • CIO Council (Oahu)
  • Food Manufacturing (Oahu)
  • Healthcare (Oahu & Maui)
  • Construction/Design Engineering (Oahu)
  • Agriculture (Hawaii Island & Kauai)
  • Hospitality & Tourism (Statewide)

For more information, please email Natasha Inouye, Director of Sector Partnerships & Workforce Development.