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Libera is Latin for freedom; for our employees it is freedom to grow, and for our clients it is freedom from paper. Our approach to Information Gathering, Management, & Case Management software has been to provide solutions that expedite information gathering and administrative reporting. Over the last twenty+ years, we have developed and refined proven Information & Case Management models by balancing worker needs, administrative functions, and regulatory reporting. The culmination of these efforts is our flagship product… The System 7 Framework ™

System 7™ is an innovative and customizable off-the-shelf Microsoft .NET application specifically designed and built by Libera, Inc. for quickly building Information Gathering, Management, and Case Management Systems that meet agency needs. As such, the great flexibility inherent in the System 7 Frame-work™ provides a balance between agency’s needs or customization to meet business practices and the stability and jump start of an off-the-shelf product.

Why Choose a Libera Solution?

  • Fast To Market
  • Low risk to agencies
  • Low Cost
  • Quick, easy end-user training
  • Entirely internet-based applications without any component installation on user machines
  • Easily supported and maintained
  • Completely ADA/508 Compliant

System 7 Framework™ Features

  • Intra-and inter-agency data gathering via the internet with central or distributed databases
  • Secure transmission of data
  • N-Tiered software on N-Tiered hardware
  • Talks to many databases (e.g. SQL-Server & Oracle, separate or together)
  • Oracle, separate or together)
  • Flexibility through XML forms & businesses rules
  • Unlimited role-base security
  • Table-driven approach
  • Electronic folders with attached scanned documents

System 7 Framework™ Based Solutions Developed By Libera

  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Mental Health
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Office of Aging
  • Domestic Violence
  • Business Enterprise Program (BEP)
  • Letter Builder™/Survey Builder™
  • Document Filing System™ with Scanned Document Imaging™
  • Libera Issue Tracking System
  • Project Manager
  • Contracts Manager
  • HR Manger

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