Heartland Institute of Financial Education

Brenda Casimiro/ CFE Certified Financial Educator

1314 S. King Street, Suite 656, Honolulu,HI96814





heartland institute

The Heartland Institute of Financial Education is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to promote financial literacy across America. We are dedicated to empowering organizations and their people through financial education. This focused education is provided by experienced financial professionals who are recognized by The Institute as qualified instructors. All of these individuals have earned their CFEd® designation – CFE Certified Financial Educator® – the first registered credential of its kind. The CFEd® recognizes the financial professional who teaches others.


The Heartland Institute provides financial education programs for companies and organizations including small and large businesses, churches, schools, associations, etc. who want their staff to enjoy a more financially secure future. When employees and members are more sure of their future and working toward their goals through a sound game plan, they are more productive in the workplace. Attendees have found the classes very valuable to help them build a more solid financial foundation and have reported great satisfaction.


We joined The Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii to gain exposure within Hawaii’s local business scene and connect with the community. We are excited to network with other business leaders in the industry and take part in upcoming networking opportunities.


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