Japan introduces new technology for bath interiors, packaging

Tokyo: The hot springs in Japan are popular among the people and tourists. To provide the same experience at home, Rinnai Corporation has developed ‘micro air bubble’ technology which helps to warm up the body.

It has sauna functionality and floor heating system in the bathroom.Rinnai aims to achieve the comfort and energy saving for its customers.Recently, the company has developed “ECO ONE”, a hybrid hot water dispenser.

“What is unique about this hybrid hot water dispenser is that it combines the advantages of electricity and gas,” said Kimiatsu Nakao, Sales Manager, Rinnai Corporation.

‘ECO ONE’ consists of two units. The left one, “Heat Pomp”, is run by electricity and is mainly used to increase heat efficiency. The right one, “Ecojozu”, is run by gas and is used to quickly heat up water.

“When we talk about the comfort, health, energy and cost then this machine is most suitable, which is run by electricity and gas. We keep trying to improve the technology,” said Nakao.

“The first product of ‘ECO ONE’ achieved 110 percent primary energy efficiency. This one is the third-generation, just released in April this year and it achieved 138 per cent. Also it can reduce 60 per cent of CO2 emission. We believe that our technology will be able to contribute to the world in the future,” added Nakao.

Corrugated carton boxes have a unique feature for packaging any material. Though inexpensive and flexible, it is helpful for the transportation of goods.

“Corrugated carton boxes are a hidden infrastructure. When you buy various goods from stores they are all in the boxes like these. Foods, beverages, computers, pizza and even hamburgers, all of them are coming to your place in carton boxes,” said Masami Shimizu, President, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing and Packaging Machinery, Ltd.

Near Seto Inland Sea in Western Japan is located Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Printing and Packaging Machinery. It produces a series of fine machineries for corrugated board manufacturing and carton box making machine. Their machines are installed in countries all over the world and have a high regard for the performance and board and box quality.

“Demand for such carton boxes are increasing globally especially in growing Asian countries. Mitsubishi is serving for such demands by providing a fine series machineries in various locations in Asia,” said Shimizu.

One of their products is named EVOL. It’s a world best-selling box making machine.

It makes 400 carton boxes per minute. Total length of the machine is about 20 meters. Corrugated board is processed in many ways such as printing colors or letters, slitting up and folding and finally becomes carton box.

The product name represent their concept of the machine, i.e. it keeps EVOLVING, and if you read it backward, LOVE, meaning that it keeps being LOVED by customers.

By providing fine and eco-conscious machineries, Mitsubishi is determined to serve for realizing sustainable society in Asia and other region of the globe.


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