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75-5660 Kopiko Street, #C7-423
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740
tel (808) 989-7310, fax (808) 334-9720


Brad Decks

Celebrating its 7th year in business, Big Island-based Tiki Shark Art Inc is truly putting Hawaii on the map by promoting and selling almost 90 percent of its products out of state. Owned by award-winning, world class artist Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker, the company has a loyal following in almost every content for its Hawaiian-flavored Tiki Art and unique souvenir items. 

These items include everything from apparel, beach towels, skate board, key chains and coasters to $15,000 high-end original paintings. All products are designed 100 percent under the supervision of the artist himself on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Fastest 50 A&BThe company licenses its name and artwork worldwide and also aligns itself as a licensee for high-profile brands such as surf giant, Body Glove, Centurion and Supreme Boats and, most recently, with our very own legendary Hawaiian Chef Sam Choy to exclusively design and manufacture his kitchen apparel line.  Although Tiki Shark-branded items already sell in Australia, artist Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker will be making his personal debut appearance in Melbourne Australia late this year promoting his Hawaiian Art and products.

Happy Royal FridayThe company’s international sales and marketing are headed by Abbas Hassan, a seasoned veteran in the International business world and the original brain child of Tiki Shark Art Inc. The company was voted #10 Fastest Growing Business in the State of Hawaii by Pacific Business News in 2014. Currently the company does well over $2M in sales and growing!


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