Business owners pay a significant tax burden and are required to get government approval for a range of activities, including licenses to operate a business. The state government should take advantage of digital processes, like online tools, to enable businesses to save time, enjoy added security, and operate successfully in Hawaii.

While we recognize the state government has made efforts to improve its delivery of services such as the State Services eportal, Tax Refund Status app, Go Akamai app, and other services, all state departments should work proactively to modernize their business processes.

By working collaboratively with Transform Hawaii Government, business owners can have a voice in the transformation movement.

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Support Hawaii businesses. Have a voice in the transformation
In joining the coalition you will be among hundreds of empowered community leaders, business owners, and civic-minded residents willing to contribute to the citizen-based effort to transform Hawaii’s government for every citizen through every service on every island.

  • Join the Movement to receive updates on the transformation’s initiatives and action alerts to keep the momentum going.

Transform Hawaii Government, a nonprofit community organization, is a coalition of individuals and groups that recognize the substantial benefits of implementing more efficient business processes in government and, when appropriate, using innovative technology to do so.

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