The flu prevention campaign’s goal is to prevent Hawaii’s hospitals from becoming overrun by flu patients. Help bring down the crest of the flu tsunami heading for Hawaii by promoting flu prevention, and asking people who are ill with the flu to seek care from primary care providers, or through other means such as by phone or telemedicine, or from other providers such as urgent care clinics.

By working together, we can magnify the impressions by building a strong presence via social media, employee communications, member/resident/patient communications, direct e-mail, and basic signage. We are targeting the kupuna (65+) population, as well as their caregivers, and those who are age 50 to 65 (Baby Boomers, and some of the older Gen Xers) because they are particularly vulnerable. Children and those with underlying health conditions are also vulnerable, but the older folks are emerging as a group particularly hard hit this year.

Visit the Healthcare Association of Hawaii website for more information and resources.

Check out flu facts and more at the State of Hawaii, Department of Health Disease Outbreak Control Division website.

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