It seems there is some confusion in the community between the constitutional
amendment (ConAm) and constitutional convention (ConCon) ballot questions
in the general election.

As was widely reported, the ConAm question was invalidated by the Hawaii
Supreme Court.

But for those who haven’t voted yet, let’s not forget about the ConCon ballot

The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii and a diverse coalition of 26 other
organizations are urging everyone to vote NO.

Hawaii’s Constitution is one of the best in the country. It doesn’t need a
complete overhaul.

Not only that, a ConCon is estimated to cost upwards of $56 million, but this is
only an estimate because no one really knows the price, since the details of how
the convention would be run aren’t decided until after the vote.

It could be less, but how often does anything come in under cost estimates?
Surely there are better uses for millions of taxpayer dollars. Vote NO on the

Sherry Menor-McNamara
President and CEO
Chamber of Commerce Hawaii

Link to full article: Star Advertiser: Letter: Don’t waste money, time on ConCon

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