The Chamber of Commerce Hawai´i has launched a new podcast, hosted by long time talk show host Jo McGarry, and sponsored by ALTRES.

The Voice of Business Podcast will provide a platform for local businesses to share their stories of success, as well as provide insight into the business landscape in Hawai´i.

“We are so excited to provide a place where businesses can tell their stories, and where our business community can share ideas and provide valuable insight into our local economy,” said Sherry Menor-McNamara, President & CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Hawai´i. “We hope people can use this podcast as a way to connect with our local business owners and hear the stories behind the balance sheets.”

Episodes will be hosted on the Chamber of Commerce Hawai´i’s website every Wednesday, along with various podcast hosting platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcast. Each podcast episode will be between 15-20 minutes in length.

“Listening to our business owners tell their stories is both humbling and inspiring. It’s always such a privilege to hear someone tell the story of how their business began, or how it survived some hardship,” said Jo McGarry, host of the Voice of Business podcast. “It reminds us that behind every storefront or office block, there’s a local story of Hawaii waiting to be told.”

Jo McGarry comes from a decades long background in media. She was the restaurant specialist at Honolulu Star-Advertiser and the publisher of Gusto Magazine for 10 years. Jo is also the Founder of MoJo – the Business of Food, Hawai´i’s only full-service restaurant advisory company.

For more information on the “Voice of Business” podcast and to download the most recent episodes, visit

If you are or know of a business with a great story to share, reach out to Ayaka Hong at

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