Gov. David Ige’s office says outdoor venues on private property are allowed to make their own mask rules.

Some outdoor malls plan on enforcing their own mask mandate.

The modified mask mandate is exciting news for businesses and shoppers with the busy Memorial Day shopping weekend coming up. Storefronts are working on how to adjust their masking rules in time for the fruitful holiday.

“You have to wear a mask, but that only is a situation on weekends when we have entertainment in the Groove from 5:30 p.m. until 6:30,” said Sam Shenkus, marketing director for the Royal Hawaiian Center.

The Royal Hawaiian Center is also advising guests to keep their masks on in situations where there may be close contact.

“If you’ve got a lot of people gathered outside at their favorite restaurant in line, where clearly there’s more than 10 people, we’ve asked people to leave your mask on,” Shenkus said.

Officials say this gray area of outdoor space on private land can be confusing.

That is why the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii suggests that businesses come up with ways to communicate the rules clearly. Some shoppers say they appreciate the efforts by businesses.

“Having a sign out there and having someone outside the store making sure the customers comply so they know,” said Dexter Sapinoso, an Ewa Beach resident.

“This is a collaborative effort,” said Sherry Menor-McNamara, president and CEO of The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii. “The more we work on this together to comply with the rules, as well as efforts to get vaccinated, the closer we are to on a path of economic recovery faster than later.”

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