A new survey by the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization (UHERO) found many employees of local businesses are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Around 800 businesses based mostly on O’ahu, took part in the questionnaire.

More than two-thirds of participants reported that more than 80-percent of their workers have been fully vaccinated.

60-percent say, they either already do or likely will require unvaccinated employees to be regularly tested for the virus.

On COVID guidelines for customers, around one-third of establishments said they currently require a vaccine passport or a negative test.

“We believe we will see some momentum in more businesses if the case counts continue to stay where so it is or increase so that’s why we’re so focused on increasing vaccinations overall,” said Sherry Menor-Mcnamara of the Chamber of Commerce Hawai’i.

The survey also found nearly 50-percent of businesses have requested education for workers on COVID-19.

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28-percent report they need more information and guidance on how to go about implementing regular testing for workers.

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