About Manufacturing

As the exclusive representative in Hawaii for the National Association of Manufacturers, the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii has created the Manufacturing in Hawaii initiative, led by the Manufacturing in Hawaii Group made up of business leaders from various fields and industries.

Our mission is to enhance the opportunities and competitiveness of doing business in Hawaii by becoming an influential advocate and “the Voice” for the manufacturing sector in the State of Hawaii.

The Manufacturing in Hawaii Group aspires to spearhead new industry initiatives by providing a “gateway” for the manufacturing sector to grow Hawaii’s economy, create well-paying jobs and improve the standards of living for the citizens of our state. Five sub-groups have also been established to discuss specific issues with various stakeholders within manufacturing:

-Fashion, apparel & textiles manufacturing

-Food & beverage manufacturing

-Light industrial and component manufacturing & technology

-Support organizations

Click here to download PDF flyer which contains more additional details on the Manufacturing in Hawaii Initiative. For more information and to get involved, please email Jenny Lee.

Click here for Information on How to Get Involved in the Legislative Process


To grow the manufacturing industry in Hawaii by providing manufacturing businesses with needed resources, network and tools.


-To function as an information portal for potential and existing manufacturers (both local and foreign) on how to export, import and manufacture in Hawaii. -To provide access and resources for networking opportunities amongst potential and existing manufactures (both local and foreign) through mentorship programs, trade events, workshops and seminars. -To facilitate the process for potential and existing manufacturers on how to import/export between Hawaii, Asian countries and the mainland U.S.A.

Manufacturing in Hawaii Group

Chair Bernie Coleman President Pacific Allied Products Roger Epstein Partner Cades Schutte Len Gan Senior Financial Advisor/Portfolio Advisor – PIA Program Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Wayne Inouye Innovate Hawaii HTDC – State of Hawaii David Sikkink Acting Administrator Hawaii Foreign Trade Zone

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