Could regulation relief help Hawaii’s businesses?

Chamber of Commerce Hawaii wants to hear from you. Which government regulations, including state and county rules and fees, burden your business and industry?


Taxation, reporting, licensing, and permitting may be barriers to business growth. We aim to compile and organize an initiative to reform and de-regulate a system that’s complicated by too much red tape.


The Chamber will collect data from now until the 2024 State Legislative Session begins in January and create a report of all feedback, which will remain unattributed and anonymous. This report will be used by our advocacy team to share with state and county lawmakers as well as relevant boards and commissions to reduce and eliminate regulations that prevent Hawaii from reaching its economic potential. Your name, email and company information will not be made public. We may need to contact you for additional clarification and information. Tell business owners about


At the 2022 Hawaii Economic Association Annual Conference, experts identified that the perception of over-regulation is one of the most common challenges to Hawaii’s economic growth. The national think tank Cato Institute ranks Hawaii ranks 45th in the nation for the most burdensome regulations.

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