Chamber Career Connect

Chamber Career Connect is a partnership between the Chamber, Harold K.L. Castle Foundation and Hawaii P20. Currently, Chamber Career Connect is working to build partnerships between industry professionals and Waipahu and Pearl City High Schools,  focusing on career awareness, career preparation, exposure, preparation and training.

These bridges will better equip students as they enter the next phase of their lives, while also giving instructors the guidance to develop curriculum that is relevant to the present and future. The Chamber serves as an intermediary between the schools and the business community as we work to build these partnerships.    

With a lot of enthusiasm behind workforce development in our state,  schools want to partner with employers to better prepare their students, and many employers want to partner with schools to create a pipeline for future homegrown talent. 

Opportunities for businesses to participate include career/job fairs, guest speaking, business site visits, job shadowing, guest teaching, mentorships, internships and teacher externships.

For more information on Chamber Career Connect or how your company can get involved, please email Program Coordinator Aran Wilson.      

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