2021 COVID-19 Webinar – 2.25.2021

COVID-19 Webinar: Getting Back to Business, Safely
COVID-19 A Year Later: What have we learned? How do we move forward? 


  • Sponsor Welcome, David Tumilowicz, Kaiser Permanente
  • COVID-19 Medical Update, Dr. Deb Friesen, Kaiser Permanente
  • ​National Economic Outlook, Neil Bradley, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Hawaii Economic Outlook, Paul H. Brewbaker, Ph.D., CBE, TZ Economics

Click the links below to download their presentations:
David Tumilowicz and Dr. Deb Friesen: COVID-19 Updates
Neil Bradley Slides
Paul H. Brewbaker: Hawaii Economic Trends into the New Year 2021

The webinar in its entirety can be viewed here:



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