Growing the Voice of Business

Chamber members are coming together from across the state to bring a strong, unified voice to our policymakers helping to BUILD A BETTER BUSINESS CLIMATE, BUILD BUSINESS, SPUR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND ENHANCE THE QUALITY OF LIFE for the people of Hawaii. View Member Spotlights below or jump to Elev8 Hawaii Partnership.

Committed to children who need permanent families.

449,000 square-foot community shopping center in the heart of the Mililani community.

Providing environmental consulting and engineering services since 1994.

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The Chamber has partnered with Elev8 Hawaii to spotlight our members. Check out our social media pages for these member spotlight blog posts!

“If you are in the neighborhood and haven’t tried ANNA MILLER’S, stop in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and don’t forget to grab a slice of pie! If you’ve been here before, it may be a good time to come back and support this small local business!”

“These innovative owners aren’t just packaging these canine snacks, they are creating experiences that you can definitely be a part of. Do you celebrate your dogs birthday? Why not order a freshly made cake to help that tail wag a little faster.”

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“Three generations of family work within the bakery. This isn’t a factory that’s creating pies on an assembly line…this a family owned and operated, small local business in Hawaii that creates each and every pie by hand.”

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“Hawaiian Chip Company came about as one day Jimmy and friends were watching “Emeril Live” (Emeril Lagasse) while he was concocting chips and dips. Jimmy decided that it was high time to create chips for the people of Hawaii using sweet potatoes and taro!”

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“Here I am meeting with the incredible business owner, Paul Uyahara and his dedicated team who make up the notorious ALOHA TOFU FACTORY, INC.”

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