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The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii is proud to be a partner for the Movers & Shakas program, aimed at bringing together purpose-driven remote workers, especially returning kamaʻāina, to actively contribute to Hawaii’s economy.

Through the Hanai-a-Classroom initiative, cohort members directly give back to local classrooms by sharing their knowledge and expertise with local students and educators. Through engaging guest speaker experiences and meaningful discussion, Hanai-a-Classroom supports Movers & Shaka’s mission to create a more innovative, resilient, and sustainable Hawaii by enabling personal relationships, professional collaborations, and contributions to the community.

Access our past guest speaker experiences and stay informed on future presentations below!

Featured Presentations

Catch replays of our guest speaker experiences and meet the Movers & Shakas’ cohort members!

Hey Siri, What's data science?


With Tori Hall, Senior Data Scientist at Cameo

Do you know what types of information your most frequently used apps store says about you? Join us as Tori Hall, Senior Data Scientist at Cameo, shares more about data science as an exciting career path as well as the different, lesser-known capabilities of some of the most popular social media apps we frequently utilize.

Navigating Your Future in Tech: From Video Games to Machine Learning


With Tina Ryu, Software Engineer at Google

Join us as we learn more about the exciting career opportunities in the areas of video game design and software engineering. Tina brings with her a wealth of experience and shares helpful tips on how to position yourself well to be able to successfully enter the market in the tech career space.

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With Anthony Valera, Senior Front-End Engineer at Glassdoor

Ever wondered about what goes into creating an awesome user experience on a website or app? Join us as we learn more about the exciting career opportunities in front-end design! From receiving user requests to designing an engaging user experience, we interact with the work of front-end engineers every time we go online.

Exploring Space: My Adventures Working at NASA


With Charis Krysher, Lunar Curation Processor at HX5

A career in aerospace is not out of this world! Join us as we learn more about Charis’ journey from high school to NASA, and more about the field of lunar curation and how to move along your educational career path in aeronautics.

How to Find the Bathroom: Navigating Life & the Law Post-High School


With Lauren Watanabe, Attorney at Goodwin Proctor LLP

Interested in a career in the legal field and in search of some gems of wisdom for your journey there? Join us as Lauren shares her journey as a public school student (right here in Hawaii!) and how her teachers, mentors and the life lessons learned along the way prepared her for a successful career in Big Law.

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