What is the Hawaii SMART Health Card?
A Hawaii SMART Health Card is a feature found in the Hawaii Safe Travels Digital Platform, https://travel.hawaii.gov .  Hawaii SMART Health Cards follow the format recommended by the Vaccine Credential Initiative.  This format is also used by some other states such as California and some vaccination providers such as CVS.

Individuals who are fully vaccinated and received vaccination in Hawaii can obtain a SMART Health Card to show establishments, such as restaurants, businesses and other venues, proof of their vaccination on their digital device without carrying a physical vaccine document.

Individuals who received two shots of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or one dose of Johnson and Johnson plus 15 days after the last dose are eligible for the digital card.

What do I need to get my HAWAII SMART Health Card?
You would need to have received your COVID-19 vaccination in Hawaii and have been fully vaccinated (this means two shots of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or one dose of Johnson and Johnson plus 15 days after the last dose).

  1. Create a Safe Travels Hawaii account in travel.hawaii.gov
  2. Vaccination Information –
  • Select the individual who you are creating Hawaii SMART Health Card for.  If they are not listed on the dropdown, they should only be added to your profile if they are a minor.
  • Select from the dropdown the type of vaccine administered
  • Enter in your dose date(s)
  • Enter in your lot number(s)
  1. Sign the Authorization to Release and Disclose COVID Vaccination Information.  Parents/guardians must sign for their minor.  Please note that the Name of the Provider and Location where vaccination was administered are both required field and must be completed for the “Submit” button to engage.

If signing on behalf of someone else, the name of the individual signing and the one of the checkboxes (either Parent or Guardian or Attorney-in-Fact) must be selected.

What if my vaccine card does not have all the pertinent information?
You may return to your provider to obtain the information needed to create a Hawaii SMART Health Card.

Individuals can always show the business or establishment an alternate proof of vaccination:

  1. Hard copy, original or photo on a digital device of vaccine document.
  2. Those who went to providers such as CVS, Kaiser can retrieve a smart health card by logging into onto their provider’s website.

What if my vaccine card cannot be auto-verified by Safe Travels?
Some people who were vaccinated in Hawaii do not appear in the database we use for verification.  Individuals can always show an alternate physical or digital proof of vaccination:

  1. Hard copy, original or photo on a digital device of vaccine document.
  2. Those who went to providers such as CVS, Kaiser can retrieve a smart health card by logging into onto their provider’s website. Some providers also issue SMART Health Cards.

It’s important to note that some records may not be able to be electronically verified through the state database. Entities not submitting data into the state database include Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, selected Federal Agencies (those who have received federal vaccine), and some pharmacies under the long-term care facility  program (nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, etc.).

If I already traveled and received exception from quarantine, do I still need to upload my vaccine document in Safe Travels?
Yes.  You will need to go into the SMART Health Card feature of Safe Travels to upload your vaccine document.  We are currently working on automatically providing SMART Health Cards to those vaccinated in Hawaii and already received exception from quarantine in Safe Travels.

How will my Hawaii SMART Health card be delivered?
You will be able to see your Hawaii SMART Health Card within the Safe Travels web application on your computer or mobile device.  Simply log-in and select “SMART Health Card”.  If you have multiple minors listed in your account, simply select which individual’s proof of vaccination you would like to show. The QR code will show up for the business/establishment to scan.

Can I save screenshot my digital record on an iphone/android?
No, you should show the Smart Health Card with the QR code in the Safe Travels application or print-out the page.

Can vaccinated minors obtain a SMART Health Card?
The minor will need to be on their parent or guardian’s account.

If you are a parent or guardian and have multiple vaccine records, upload each digital vaccine record separately.

What if my vaccinated child who is under my account is entering a business unaccompanied?
SMART Health Cards are not issued directly to minors.  They can show other documentation of their vaccination status.

How is my information protected?
The State is required by various federal and state laws to protect your health information and has designed the Hawaii SMART Health Card, through the Safe Travels Program, to be in compliance with these laws.

Can I use the  Hawaii SMART Health Card to travel?
The Hawaii SMART Health Card QR code cannot be used for travelling into Hawaii.  Individual who are travelling to Hawaii are required to use the Travel Exemption/Exception feature of the Safe Travels Hawaii Digital Platform to receive a travel entry QR code.   SMART Health Cards may be accepted in other states that issue or accept them.

Is the Hawaii SMART Health Card mandatory?
Participation in the Hawaii SMART Health Card is voluntary.  At businesses and venues where proof of vaccination is required, individuals can always show alternate proof of vaccination, like another mobile application (such as CVS, Kaiser), paper form or photo on digital device.

I am a business or venue. How do I use this digital Hawaii SMART Health Card to confirm the individual’s vaccination status?
If a patron chooses to show the Hawaii SMART Health Card as a method to valid they are vaccinated, the patron can show you their status in the Safe Travels application on their mobile device or as a print-out.  Follow the requirements of your jurisdiction.  For additional verification, you will be able to see their vaccination information by using the SMART Health Card Verifier by The Commons Project.  You may download this app to any Apple device (iPhone or iPad) or to an Android device to scan the QR code.   https://thecommonsproject.org/smart-health-card-verifier

Will the digital Hawaii SMART Health Card accept negative COVID-19 test results?
At this time, the Hawaii SMART Card will only allow for the upload of vaccine cards issued in the State of Hawaii.  We are currently looking into the development of allowing for the upload of negative COVID-19 test results.

For now, patrons may show the physical copy of their COVID-19 negative test to the business or venue.

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