Jacob Noh, Past Chair of the YP Program


Jacob Noh,
Human Resources Consultant
SimplicityHR by ALTRES

Jacob Noh serves as a Human Resources Consultant for business owners and companies throughout the State of Hawaii. SimplicityHR provides answers and solves problems in the areas of Human Resources, Worker’s Compensation, Risk & Safety, Benefits, and Payroll. Previously, having been with Hawaii Medical Assurance Association (HMAA) for 6 years as a benefits consultant, partnering with big and small companies in the complexities of running a business on the journey of long term successes continues to motivate and fulfill his passion as a young professional.

As an avid outdoors man, surfing, golfing, and hiking are quick and satisfying outlets during busy work periods. With numerous voluntary commitments and experiences with The Catholic Charities of Hawaii, Special Olympics Hawaii, Hawaii Foodbank, American Heart Association, etc, Jacob continues to work with for and non-profit organizations as the need for more young philanthropic professional’s grow. Jacob truly believes in the importance of creating and growing an environment for young career driven individuals in the State of Hawaii to further the possibilities of bettering the business climate in the future. And as the current Chair Elect, he is very optimistic in that the work of the Chamber YP program is instilling that very culture today. 

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