Businesses Selected in Hawaii Business Magazine’s
“Best Places to Work 2021” List

Episode 15: Investing in Hawaii’s Future Through High-Quality Work-Based Learning

Understand the importance of work-based learning in developing our future workforce, and how your business can be involved in investing in world-based learning.

Featured guests include:

  • Lord Ryan Lizardo,  Program Manager of Work-Based Learning at the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii
  • Kim Virtudazo, Freshman Success Academy Lead Teacher at Campbell High School
  • Geraldine Valencia Academy Coordinator at Campbell High School

19 minutes

Episode 14: Building a Local Engineering Talent Pipeline Through the Engineering Sector Partnership

What is sector partnership? And what is its role in providing employer-led workforce solutions? Understand how the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii and the private sector + education partners are partnering to build Hawaii’s future engineering workforce.

Today’s guests are: Keala Peters, Executive Vice President, Education & Workforce Development, Executive Director of Sector Partnerships, of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii and Katie Kaahanui, Program Manager of Hawaii is Hiring.

18 minutes

Episode 13: It’s Not Business as Usual: Collaborations That Are Preparing Students for Next Generation Jobs
Collaborations are having more of an impact than ever before when it comes to preparing Hawaii students for next generation jobs. It is definitely not “business as usual.” Dive deeper into some of the ways that the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii is working with community partners to create a positive impact on Hawaii’s future.

On this episode, Join Keala Peters, Executive Vice President, Education & Workforce Development & Executive Director of Sector Partnerships at the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, and Alex Harris, Vice President of Programs at Harold K.L. Castle Foundation as they talk about the different ways that companies can get involved in preparing students for the future workforce.

19 minutes


Episode 12: Hawaii is Hiring
Join us as we sit down with Katie Kaahanui, Program Manager of Hawaii is Hiring and Christina Cooper, Division Manager of Executive Solutions at Staffing Solutions of Hawaii, as they talk all about the current job market, what types of skills employers are looking for, and more.

21 minutes


Episode 11: Hawaii’s Best Large Companies: Servco Pacific Inc., with Peter Hirano

Peter Hirano is the Executive Vice President of People & Strategic Initiatives at Servco Pacific Inc.  In this role, he oversees the Human Resources function for all of Servco’s global business entities, in addition to all projects and new initiatives for Servco Pacific Inc.

21 minutes


Episode 10: Hawaii’s Best Medium Companies: G70 with Charles Kaneshiro

We sat down with Charles Kaneshiro, President/COO at G70 to talk about what makes G70 a great place to work at. They were also selected as one of the best places for women to work at, which we dive more deeper into. In the second half, learn about the incredible ways that G70 has changed the design and architecture landscape in Hawaii.

20 minutes


Episode 9: Hawaii’s Best Small Companies: Hawaii Energy with Mireya Norman

This month, we will be highlighting three companies selected as part of Hawaii Business Magazine’s annual “Best Places to Work” list. Selected under the “Small Companies” category is Hawaii Energy.

We sat down with Mireya Norman, Program Support Services Manager at Hawaii Energy to talk about all the great things that Hawaii Energy does for both their employees and the community. Hear about what makes Hawaii Energy one of the best small companies to work at.

17 minutes

Episode 8: How Workplace Security is Evolving with Michael Gaul

As the District Manager with Securitas Security Service USA, Inc., Michael Gaul is responsible for all integrated guarding sales and services throughout Hawaii and Guam. Let’s dive deeper into understanding the importance role of security in workplaces, and how the innovation of technology plays a role in it.


WEDNESDAY, June 9, 2021
19 minutes

Episode 7: Tips on Opening a restaurant with Bill Tobin and Jo McGarry

Have you ever thought of or are in the process of opening a restaurant or business in Hawaii? What are the components needed in creating a successful restaurant? 

Sit down with Bill Tobin, Owner of Tiki’s Bar and Grill and Jo McGarry, VP of CBRE and the “Voice of Business” Podcast host as they share their top tips for new business owners on what you need to successfully run your business. 

WEDNESDAY, June 2, 2021
10 minutes

Episode 6: How one of Waikiki’s busiest restaurants operated during a year with no visitors with Bill Tobin

Bill Tobin is the co-owner of Tiki’s Grill & Bar, a husband, a father, an author, a consultant, and a blogger. He helps restaurants run better by providing resources for restaurant owners, chefs, managers, and supervisors to become better leaders. Tiki’s is the busiest independent restaurant in Waikiki with more than 150 staff on payroll.


WEDNESDAY, May 26, 2021
18 minutes

Episode 5: What it was like in the event business in a year with no events with Kat Lin-Hurtubise

An innovative force in the staffing and events management industries, Kathleen Lin-Hurtubise is the founder & president of Gourmet Events Hawaii (GEH), an award-winning full-service production, catering and event management company, 


WEDNESDAY, May 19, 2021
19 minutes

Episode 4: How a 108-year-old company reinvented themselves during the pandemic with Unyong Nakata

Unyong Nakata is a member of the executive team at Y. Hata & Co., Ltd, and is specifically charged with the areas of Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Customer Service, and Supply Chain.  



WEDNESDAY, May 12, 2021
22 minutes

Episode 3: What it’s like to Manage a Local Floral Company with Monty Pereira

Born and raised in Hilo, Monty Pereira began his career in public accounting, and later became the GM & Director of Sales and Marketing for Watanabe Floral, Inc.



19 minutes

Episode 2: What is Corporate Philanthropy? And How Can Businesses Give Back to the Community? with Siana Hunt

Siana Hunt is the Director of Corporate Philanthropy at ALTRES. She is responsible for developing the philanthropy plan for the organization, as well as leading leadership development across Hawaii in the communities that ALTRES serves.

16 minutes

Episode 1: How Businesses Can Benefit from Joining the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii with Sherry Menor-McNamara

Sherry Menor-McNamara is the President & CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii. Sherry is the youngest, and first female and Japanese-Filipino leader of the more than 170 year old organization.

14 minutes

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