Technology represents a significant opportunity for our state as we look to diversify our workforce and enable Hawaii’s innovation economy.
Technology was identified in the Talent Roadmap to Support Economic Recovery as a priority sector for talent development to build a resilient economy. This analysis aims to understand the current and future information technology (IT) workforce needs of Hawaii companies. It compares IT workforce supply and demand and looks at the fastest growing IT occupations, and skills and credentials that Hawaii employers seek. Using the insights of local employers and labor market data, the report also provides recommendations to ensure our state has a local, highly trained IT talent pipeline to support this growing sector.
The results of the IT Workforce Needs Analysis will be used to inform education and training programs, including K-12, UH credit and noncredit programs, and statewide programs. In this way, more Hawai‘i students and residents can be employable in IT-related fields in Hawai‘i.
The report is intended to serve as a starting point for further discussion by private and public sector stakeholders who can help ensure Hawai‘i is preparing our own future-focused IT talent pipeline.

Some recommendations to build Hawaii's IT workforce:

 *   Improve the alignment between educators and employers *   Increase career awareness opportunities *   Increase training opportunities to improve professional skills *   Review minimum qualifications for entry-level jobs *   Improve data collection

We look forward to collaborating with you to use this analysis to build a local workforce that enables Hawaii’s innovation economy and digital transformation.

Interested in engaging in IT workforce development discussions, including those related to on-the-job training and work-based learning? We’d like to hear from you!

Access the full analysis and report findings below:

Executive Summary – IT Workforce Needs Analysis

IT Workforce Needs Analysis

IT Workforce Needs Report Partners

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