What Members Are Saying


Vic Angoco, Pacific Matson
Bernie Coleman, Pacific Allied Products
Kippen de Alba Chu, Friends of Iolani Palace
Jerry Gibson, Hilton Hawaii and Washington
Signe Godfrey, S&R Personnel Services
Tim Guard, Hamilton & Renny Co.
Wayne Hamano, Bank of Hawaii
Wayne T. Ishihara, Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce
John L. Knorek, Esq.,Torkildson, Katz, Moore, Hetherington & Harris
Gabe Lee, American Savings Bank
Mike May, T. Michael May Advisor Services
Keith Nagata, First Hawaiian Bank
V. Vance Roley, University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business
Tayne Sekimura, Hawaiian Electric Company
Barry Taniguchi, KTA Super Stores
Monica Toguchi, Highway Inn
David Tumilowicz, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii
Rebecca S. Ward, Ward Research
Shelley Wilson, Wilson Care Group
Neal Yokota, Stryker Weiner & Yokota Public Relations

“As a Honolulu-based company serving Hawaii continuously since 1882, Matson has a longstanding appreciation of the role the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii has in continually working to improve the state’s business and economic environment. The Chamber serves as an important advocate for its diverse membership, providing an important, unified voice for Hawaii businesses, small and large.”

Vic Angoco
Senior Vice President,
Pacific Matson

“Hawaii is a unique state for the small business owner. Unlike mainland companies who have the backing and support of large organizations in the products and services offered, the small to medium companies in Hawaii are truly an island unto itself.

With over 97% of all products brought to the islands on ships and air, we saw an opportunity at Pacific Allied Products, Ltd. to manufacture products that are consumed and used only for the Hawaiian markets. Being a small manufacturing company in Hawaii has its many challenges and we saw that the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii is The Voice of Business in Hawaii.

The Chamber provided support in networking opportunities and exposure to the business community. It provided key information to keep me abreast of what is taking place in the Hawaiian economy. They are a voice to the legislators on important issues that impact our business interests and help keep me informed of new laws and changes in policy at the city, county and state levels.

The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii is the best membership you can have for your business if you take advantage of it service and benefits available through the organization.”

Bernie Coleman

Pacific Allied Products, Ltd.

“Although we are a non-profit organization, The Friends of Iolani Palace is still subject to many of the same rules, regulations and taxes that affect for-profit companies. This is why we participate as a member of the Chamber of Commerce. We are a part of the business community in Hawaii and support the Chamber’s efforts in being the voice of local businesses and fostering further economic development.”

Kippen de Alba Chu
Friends of Iolani Palace

“Hilton Hawaii relies on the Chamber of Commerce for the most up-to-date business information about Hawaii as they are in tune with the heart beat and nerve center of our economic community. It is hard enough to run a business today by any standards, but to run a business and be uninformed is far more difficult. Whether it is a government issue or an economic theory, the Chamber of Commerce is our resource to success.”

Jerry Gibson
Area Vice President
Hilton Hawaii and Washington

“As a long-time member of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, I believe the Chamber provides a place for businesses to get help in many different ways. First of all, the Chamber has a strong voice in the legislature to make sure that the bills the legislators are working on benefits all businesses large and small. The Chamber has fought many bad bills and has been successful in stopping bills that would have hurt businesses, such as the unemployment rate which has helped me tremendously.

As a member the best way to make use of our membership is to help by voicing our concerns, our needs, what we need help with and many other things that help business owners. First we must give a voice of concern, second we must become active so our voice of concern grows stronger and third, participate in all the activities so we can grow our own businesses by meeting other businesses who may need our services or products.

I was a quiet member for a long time and when I became an active member, I was able to meet many members who need my services and, more importantly, I have been able to help others. I testify that being a member of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii helps me keep a pulse on what is happening in Hawaii which helps me to develop my business and adjust accordingly.”

Signe Godfrey
S&R Personnel Services

“I strongly urge the owners and leaders of businesses throughout Hawaii to support our Chambers of Commerce. By your participation, the Chamber communicate a cohesive, unified message to the administration and legislature that is reinforced by the support of hundreds of businesses voicing a common message.”

Tim Guard
McCabe, Hamilton & Renny Co., Ltd.

“The COC is highly effective in its work bridging the business and political community with the military. The Chamber plays an important and unique role in reinforcing and engaging our community’s support of the military. The Chamber is also valuable in supporting a variety of key legislative initiatives, especially important for larger companies. The Chamber provides a credible voice and is vigilant in its efforts to monitor and testify on important measures. They serve as our ‘Voice of Business.’”

Wayne Hamano
Vice Chairman & CCO
Bank of Hawaii

“We are very proud to be a member since it offers us the ability to partner on important legislative issues and other initiatives that are of mutual benefit. The Chamber is also important to us because it provides relevant information on business, government and military matters which we could not gather on our own.”

Wayne T. Ishihara
Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce

“Torkildson Katz has been an active Chamber member for decades because no other organization fights to protect Hawaii’s business interests like the Chamber. Its critical role in the legislative process to create and preserve jobs is alone enough to warrant support. The Chamber staff’s broad understanding of the issues facing our community is respected by the stakeholders in every facet of our diverse community, from the military to small business, from education to health care. The Chamber has been and will continue to be the voice of business in Hawaii.”

John L. Knorek, Esq.
Torkildson, Katz, Moore, Hetherington & Harris

“It comes with great pleasure to support the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii. As a bank that lends to businesses of all sizes, American Savings Bank recognizes that the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii is an integral part of the business community, from small to large businesses and the military community. The staff of the Chamber comprehends the issues facing the business community in connection with the creation and preservation of jobs, excessive taxation and unnecessary regulation. It is truly the voice of business in pursuit of further economic development.”

Gabe Lee
Executive Vice President
American Savings Bank

“The core competency of the Chamber has been its ability to educate and influence legislators and business leader on critical decisions that will shape our economic future and the continued vibrancy of our community. In a fast paced, ever-changing community where fiscal, monetary, environmental, and human resources’ policies and decisions weigh heavily on our business community, the Chamber has been there as a voice of balance and reason.

The major benefit to being a Chamber member is for the networking across a wide range of business leaders and as a forum for expressing your ideas and concerns among those of like-minded interests. The price is reasonable for the value received for being a member of the Chamber.”

Mike May
Principal & Founder
T. Michael May Advisor Services

“First Hawaiian Bank continues to be an active member of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii. We feel it represents the general interests of all Hawaii businesses by advocating fair government legislation to support a strong, statewide economy. We also congratulate the Chamber of Commerce for their success as a community leader in supporting our Military, Young Professionals and offering numerous educational seminars on relevant business topics.”

Keith Nagata
Senior Vice President & Division Manager
First Hawaiian Bank

“The Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawaii at Manoa is very engaged in Chamber of Commerce activities. We find that the Chamber of Commerce is a very good way for us to support the business community in Hawaii. The Chamber of Commerce also is very useful for networking to place our students in internships and jobs.”

V. Vance Roley
University of Hawaii, Shidler College of Business

“Now, more than ever, it’s important for our business community to take an active role in issues that can affect our economy and our islands’ future. The Chamber of Commerce plays a vital role as a hub to mobilize for this education and action.”

Tayne Sekimura
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

“The Chamber is an effective voice of business, willing to take relevant and meaningful stands on tough issues. There are times when a position taken by the Chamber is not shared by everyone, but they always try to do what is best for the entire business community, for the economy and for the welfare of our state. The Chamber is a credible voice of business with the leadership to work with organized labor, government and the broader community to find workable solutions for our future.”

Barry Taniguchi
Chief Executive Officer
KTA Super Stores

“Since I was a very young child, I heard my father consistently complain about the enormous challenges of being a small business owner in Hawaii. When I took over our family business in 2009, I decided that I was not going to passively sit on the sidelines and watch our state economy tumble as the financial crisis unfolded. Rather, as a small business owner, I decided to get involved primarily to educate myself about the system of public policy – the good, bad and ugly parts of it.

The Chamber of Commerce provides small businesses the opportunity to have a collective voice at the capitol that challenges the assumptions and ideas behind legislation that will impact the business community and our state economy. Whether it’s unemployment tax, mandated sick leave or workers’ compensation laws, it’s critical for every small business owner to educate themselves and become actively engaged through the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii. Of course, the other option is to wait until your children grow up!”

Monica Toguchi
Highway Inn, Inc.

“The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii fills a vital role to ensure that the interests of business and the economy are heard at the State Legislature and in government. Whether fighting to keep funding for the Pearl Harbor shipyard, or advocating against crippling increases in unemployment insurance premiums, the Chamber helps business survive in Hawaii.”

David Tumilowicz
Director, Business Engagement
Kaiser Permanente Hawaii

“As a small business involved in the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii for over 20 years, I have found my investment in the Chamber to be an important part of my ‘civic’ engagement. Through the Chamber, I have come to appreciate the importance of getting involved and putting a face on the Voice of Business. Supporting the legislative activities of the Chamber is my way of feeling like I am contributing to our collective welfare; as a small business on my own, my impact would be much less.”

Rebecca S. Ward
Ward Research

“I view our company’s relationship with the Chamber as essential to our ongoing growth and success. The networking power we derive as a committed, involved member, and the vast array of member services at our disposal, enables us to keep our finger on the business pulse of paradise. In short, the Chamber provides us with an invaluable resource that keeps us focused and informed and which unites our local business community in a common cause to be the very best we can be.

I enthusiastically recommend membership in the Chamber to any business that calls Hawaii home!”

Shelley Wilson
Wilson Care Group

“At Stryker Weiner & Yokota, we have always found enormous value in our Chamber membership. As a small-business, we do not have the resources that a large company has, and we appreciate how the Chamber understands and represents our interests at a policy and regulatory level. And as a public relations firm, we appreciate how the Chamber is able to clearly articulate a voice for the business community.”

Neal Yokota
President & CEO
Stryker Weiner & Yokota Public Relations, Inc.

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