Join the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii for weekly conversations with Hawaii’s business community. Hosted by Jo McGarry, this podcast will tell the story of business in Hawaii, and will address the challenges of adapting to an ever changing economy. The podcast will also serve as a valuable resource to anyone looking to grow their business, or hear the inside story of some of Hawaii’s most influential employers.

Our podcast episodes range from 15-20 minutes in length, so it’s perfect to listen to on your morning drive, while working out, or just doing chores around the house.

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Episode 14: Building a Local Engineering Talent Pipeline Through the Engineering Sector Partnership

What is sector partnership? And what is its role in providing employer-led workforce solutions? Understand how the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii and the private sector + education partners are partnering to build Hawaii’s future engineering workforce.

Today’s guests are: Keala Peters, Executive Vice President, Education & Workforce Development, Executive Director of Sector Partnerships, of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii and Katie Kaahanui, Program Manager of Hawaii is Hiring.

18 minutes


Episode 13: It’s Not Business as Usual: Collaborations That Are Preparing Students for Next Generation Jobs
Collaborations are having more of an impact than ever before when it comes to preparing Hawaii students for next generation jobs. It is definitely not “business as usual.” Dive deeper into some of the ways that the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii is working with community partners to create a positive impact on Hawaii’s future.

On this episode, Join Keala Peters, Executive Vice President, Education & Workforce Development & Executive Director of Sector Partnerships at the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, and Alex Harris, Vice President of Programs at Harold K.L. Castle Foundation as they talk about the different ways that companies can get involved in preparing students for the future workforce.

19 minutes


Episode 12: Hawaii is Hiring
Join us as we sit down with Katie Kaahanui, Program Manager of Hawaii is Hiring and Christina Cooper, Division Manager of Executive Solutions at Staffing Solutions of Hawaii, as they talk all about the current job market, what types of skills employers are looking for, and more.

21 minutes