Join the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii for weekly conversations with Hawaii’s business community. Hosted by Jo McGarry, this podcast will tell the story of business in Hawaii, and will address the challenges of adapting to an ever changing economy. The podcast will also serve as a valuable resource to anyone looking to grow their business, or hear the inside story of some of Hawaii’s most influential employers.

Our podcast episodes range from 15-20 minutes in length, so it’s perfect to listen to on your morning drive, while working out, or just doing chores around the house.

Episode 3: What it’s like to Manage a Local Floral Company with Monty Pereira

Born and raised in Hilo, Monty Pereira began his career in public accounting, and later became the GM & Director of Sales and Marketing for Watanabe Floral, Inc.

19 minutes

Episode 2: What is Corporate Philanthropy? And How Can Businesses Give Back to the Community? with Siana Hunt

Siana Hunt is the Director of Corporate Philanthropy at ALTRES. She is responsible for developing the philanthropy plan for the organization, as well as leading leadership development across Hawaii in the communities that ALTRES serves.

16 minutes

Episode 1: How Businesses Can Benefit from Joining the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii with Sherry Menor-McNamara

Sherry Menor-McNamara is the President & CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii. Sherry is the youngest, and first female and Japanese-Filipino leader of the more than 170 year old organization.

14 minutes